Our office offers flexible hours to accommodate most patient’s schedules. Every effort is made to keep waiting time in the office to a minimum. However, emergencies arise, patients arrive late, and some patients need more time than others or the providers are involved in a complex surgery. If we do fall behind, we hope you will understand. Please remember that you could be the patient who requires extra attention.

With UCLA and the National Institute of Health on his resume, and Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Board Certification, Dr. Martin Salm is arguably this area’s most qualified skin care specialist. Which explains why you may have to wait a little to see him.


If you are wondering why we haven’t billed you yet, typically we don’t send out statements until after we process the claim with the insurance company, which may take as long as two months…the time lag allows us to do everything we can to collect from the insurance company, before we bill you for what’s left over.

Our practice contracts with most insurance companies and in order for us to control our overall costs, we must ask that you be prepared to pay your co-pay amount at the time of your visit.

Our practice is on many healthcare plans and if your insurance requires that you have a prior authorization or referral to see a specialist, it is helpful to us if you have a referral from your primary care physician ready before calling us.

Billing Insurance

Our office participates with many insurance plans. We participate in Medicare. Our receptionists can provide you with a current list of insurance plans in which we participate. If you have health insurance, please be prepared to provide current insurance card and identification upon each visit along with any applicable insurance co-pay. For all insurance plans, patients are responsible for payment of their deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments. These payments are required at the time services are rendered. Patients are also responsible for obtaining any necessary referrals prior to their office visits. For our patients who do not carry medical insurance, we do ask for full payment at the time services are rendered by check, cash or credit card.